Step on the
 Stage and
H.E.E Inc.
Welcome to H.E.E Inc.

H.E.E Inc is a nonprofessional theater company. H.E.E stands for Hailey/Ella/Erin, the founders

What do we do?
We rewrite fairytales to perform for our family.  Hailey is normally  the main villan or second main charecter and an extra,Ella is normally the lead,Erin is normally the second villan and an extra, and Alena is our director.
Plays we have done so far:
  • Harry Potter goes back to school 1 and 2
  • A life lesson
  • The Mayflower Titanic(featuring Jacob)
  • Rudolph and Two Elves(featuring Jacob)
  • Snow White and Three Dwarves
  • Cinderella (pool party)
  • A Clause Thanksgiving
  • Beauty and the Beast(twice)
  1. Erin
  2. Hailey
  3. Alena
  4. Ella
  5. Airplane
Beauty and the Beast redone
  1. Hear is the cast
    Hailey-villager 1, Gaston, and Lumiere Ella-Belle Erin-villager 2, Nafoo ,and The Beast Alena-Director